About me

1974-1977 Education in graphic design
1977-1980 Land Art community
1981-1985 Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Kreuzberg (KuKuCK)
1986-1998 Education of medicine and health care sciences at the University of Freiburg/ Germany
Until now: Work as a Physician and Health Care Manager in Basel/CH an Freiburg/D
2015-2020 Extended tutorials in photography at "Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie", Berlin
Projects with Ostkreuzschule (Professor): 

  • 2015:Life of a young farmer family (Sibylle Fendt)
  • 2016: Bannwald (Thomas Meyer)
  • 2018, Le Rhone (Sibylle Fendt)
  • 2021, Time traces in space (Grit Schwertfeger)
  • 2024 Masterclass Sibylle Wendt

Various exhibitions and sales